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WeSoFly 2015 Person Of The Year Honoree – Akon @Akon Every Year We Honor a Person Who We Feel Real Cares. We Don’t Decided By Race or Who They Help. But The Actual Act Of Kindness and Truely Caring. While AKON Was Helping Millions Who Lives Are So Different From Americans Like Ourself It Was Over Shadow By A Transgender Tranformation. Well AKON We Want You To Know We See You And Appreciate What You Have Done And Are Continuing To Do. So Our 2015 Person Of The Year Award Goes To Akon For Powering Africa. Which Will Give Them Not Only Power, But Jobs and Opportunities That Even There Own Government Can’t Do or Didn’t Care To Do. Unlike Most Selfish Stars You Took Your Resources And Applied Them To Good For Others Not Just Yourself Or Inner Circle. There’s A Long List Of Stars Before You That Has Reach Even Higher Status As You And Still To This Day Haven’t Done Anything But Help Themselves. So We Recognize You Truely Care And For That You Are The Best & We Hope You Are Honor Being Our First Honoree And Accept This Award. #akon #honoree #PersonOfTheYear #WeSoFlyMagazine

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