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Souja Boy Cheap Knockoff Game Console.

Souja Boy New & Old Game Console Is A Chinese Knockoff Which Can Be Bought Cheaper On

Souja Boy Buys China Systems Because Of No U.S. Copyright Law. Then Put His Names On It!

souja boy selling game console

 Soulja Boy Has Done It Again. What We Mean By Again Is A China Game Console Company Released Another System Which Can Be Found On Soulja Just Like He Did With The First System He Found On This Site Is Claiming It’s His Own System. As In He Invented It Or Being Paid To Endorse It And That’s Not True. The United States And China Copyrights Laws Don’t Go No Further The It’s Country. So Legally Souja Can Steal It From China Like He’s Doing And China Can’t Do Anything About It. Now Where Souja Can Get In A Lot Of Trouble Is Since They’re Are No Copyright Laws Between The Two Countries. China Can Use Nintendo And Other Game Console Equipment And Programs. But Soulja Boy Being In The U.S. Isn’t Allowed To Us These Companies Equipment Without Permission.

This Is How Soulja Boy Is Getting Away With It. Souja Isn’t Putting His Own Branding On These Devices. His Website Is A Middle Man And So Because Soulja Boy Isn’t Putting His Brand On It. It Could Be A Difficult Case For Others To Win, At The Same Time Because Soulja Boy Verbally Calls It His Own And It’s Label Online As A Soulja Boy Console Can leave Him Open For A Lawsuit.

We’ve Got Some Of The Current Youtube Game Reporter/Bloggers To Give You Full Detail Of What It Is And Why You Shouldn’t Buy It. Well Let You Know That Secret Now… Because It Cheaper To Buy The System On

Credit: Tyler Oliveira Youtube

Credit: RGT 85 On Youtube

Credit: Madlittlepixel Youtube

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