Bitch Nixxa Of The Day Kanye West. 12/14/2018

kanye west awarded bitch nixxa of the day.
“Bitch Nixxa Of The Day”
Kanye West


Kanye West Announced That After Receiving A Phone Call From Drake, Himself And Family Was Threatened. Drake Feels Strongly That Kanye Gave Pusha T The Info About His Son Which Is A Dirty Fucking Dirty. Kanye Denies It But Nobody Believes His Bi-Polar Trump Loving Ass.

Well Kanye Have Been Awarded The Bitch “Nixxa Of The Day Award“. Not Because He Snitching On Twitter. Not Because He Told Pusha T About Drake Son Allegedly And Denies It. Not Even Because Of His Love For Trump.

We Giving Kanye The “Bitch Nixxa Of The Day” Award Because He Does Bitch Shit And Then Cries On Twitter And Social Media About. Always Playing Victim Like A Bitch. He Did The Same Shit After He Crossed Jay Z. We’ve Seen This Too Many Times.

So Kanye, We Like To Welcome And Have To Give You The “Bitch Nixxa Of The Day Award”.

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