akademiks, dj akademiks, star, troi torain, joe budden

Dj Akademiks Is A Drugs Addict, Says Star Ex Co-Host On Everyday Struggle.

akademiks, dj akademiks, star, troi torain, joe budden

Dj Akademiks Is A Drug Addict, Says Star Ex Co-Host On Everyday Struggle. The Two Recently Been Going Back And Forward Dissing Each Other. It Started From Star Asking On His Show Is Akademiks Snitching On Tekashi69? Then It Went To Should Akademiks Be Arrested. Then Star Team Up With Another Youtuber Name Karceno And At That Interview Along With Boscoe100 The Topic Of Akademiks Was Lit.

Akademiks Then Threatened To Sue Any Media That Reported He Was The Tekashi69 Snitch. Some Of The Social Media Reporters Responded With “We’re Doing What You Do, To People Everyday”. Some Welcomed The Lawsuits Or Thoughts Of A Lawsuit.

Akademiks Then Got Tired Of Star And His Trolling And Blasted Star About Quitting The Show “Everyday Struggle” By Resigning When He Seen New Co Host Wayno Coming In And Having A Better Dialogue And More Knowledge On Current Artist And Events. Star Was Just Too Old And Un-knowledgable When It Came To Current And New Artist. Actually If You Watched His Youtube Show, Star Was Looking For Someone Who Was Knowledgable To Help Him. But Obviously That Never Happened.

Akademiks Stated That Star Was The Lowest Paid On The Show. He Also Stated That He Told Complex To Chose Star Over Rapper Jim Jones. Dj Akademiks Also Stated That He Could Have Been The Deciding Factor On If Star Should Get Fired After His First Day At The Show Because Audio Leak Of Star Saying “He Wanted To Cum On Co-Host Nadeska”. Akademiks Kinda Hinted That Before The Show Star Could Have Been Broke. Again This Might Be True Because Troi Torain Aka Star Told His Youtube Viewers That He Was Going To Buy A Radio Station Down South And He Never Did After A Nice Amount Of Time Went Past. The Viewers Even Was Asking About Their Money During His Youtube Shows. Star Promise To Reimburse Them If They Email Him. Some Claim To Still Not Been Paid Or Refunded Allegedly. 

Well Star Quickly Responded To Akademiks Claims On Youtube. He Posted Pictures Of Two Payment From Complex Which Nobody Said He Didn’t Get Paid. They Said You Was The Lowest Paid. Then Star Posted A Screenshot Of Him Allegedly Asking To Be Done With The Show. Well If Someone Better Then You Comes In And In Your Face Taking Over. Your Suppose To Resign To Make Yourself Look Better. But That Doesn’t Mean They Wasn’t About To Fire You. These Are Simply Star Games He Play To Fool The Dumb Ones In His Youtube Viewers Which Most Of Them Was Calling Him A Liar In His Own Youtube Chat. His Viewers Know Him Better Then Anyone.

This Is Where Shit Went Left. Star Then Says “Akademiks Is On Drugs”. Then Goes On To Say That “If He Has To Prove It In Court, He Can And Will”. Star Welcomes The Lawsuit. So Wait Akademiks Is A Drug Addict? That’s What Star Said. 

We Listen To Star Broadcast Calling Akademiks A Drug Addict In Denial. But All He Spoke On Was Alcohol. Stating That He Witness Akademiks Drink Hennessy Often And Dressing Like A Bum With Food Stains On His Clothes And Having A Body Odor. Lying And Having Joe Budden Dick In His Mouth.

Dj Akademiks Expose Star.
Credit: LitTube

Star Call Dj Akademiks A Drug Addict.
Credit: The Star Report & WeSoFly Magazine

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