donald trump awarded the bitch nixxa of the day

Bitch Nixxa Of The Day Donald Trump. 12/12/18

Bitch Nixxa Of The Day” 

Donald “Dumbass Crooked” Trump.

“Bitch Nixxa Of The Day”
Donald “Dumbass” Trump

We All Watched As Michael Cohen Got Sentence For 3 years After Cooperating With The Government And Special Council. Cohen Announce That He Took Orders From Trump Which He Should Have Followed His First Mind And Not Do What Was Ask By Trump.

The Reason Trump Got The “Dumbass Of The Day” is Because When He Decided To Run For President. At Some Point President Dumbass Should Have Known His Past Was Gone Come To The Light. Trump Has Been Lying To America Since He Entered The White House And Even Before. Still To This Day Trump Lies And Claims Tha Michael Cohen Did All Trump Cover Up And Dirt Without His Knowledge Even Though A Recorded Phone Call Came Out Of Cohen Speaking To Trump About A Cover Up Through A Front Business. Trump Also Has Many Of His Accomplishment In His Crimes Turning On Him To Save Their Ass. Like Cohen Of Course, National Enquirer David Pecker And Alleged Rushing Spy Maria Butina And More Still To Come. Dumbass Trump Has Also Put His Own Kids In The Line Of Fire.

So For That We Welcome And Have To Give “Bitch Nixxa Of The Day” To Donald “Your Crooked President” Trump!

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