Snoop Dogg Beefing With Kanye West. Coon When It Comes To Donald Trump!

   Beef – Just Like Most Of Us. We Are Sick Of Kanye “Coon Kardashian” West And His Support For Donald Trump. Kanye Has Got To The Point To Where Kanye Feels Like He Can Do Anything He Wants And Still Get The Black Support. Kanye Sells Clothing That Look Like Homeless Clothes And We Buy It. So Why Not Feel Like He Can Do Whatever He Wants. Well Snoop Dogg Rap Legend Is Tired Of It. Snoop Posted And Even Commented On Other Famous Instagram Photos Talking About The Coon Rapper. We At WeSoFly Are BoyCotting Kanye And Will Not Support His Music Or Anything Affiliated With Kanye, Including Tidal If He Is Still A Owner. People Like Kanye And Trump Don’t Care What You Think Until You Hurt There Pockets, Financially. So No More Support From Us And We Doubt We Will Hear A Snoop And Kanye Song Anytime Soon!

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