Bill Cosby Found Guilty Of 3 Counts Of Assault.


   Bill Cosby – Today Bill Was Convicted Of 3 Counts Of Assault On A Woman Who Claimed These Allegations 14 Years After The Fact. Funny This Came About Around The Time Bill Was About To Buy ABC Network Channel. None Of These Woman Are Creditable. There Was No DNA In Case Or Prior Police Claims Until The #MeToo Movement. Now These Ladies Will Be Able To Get Paid For Interviews, Books Even Movies, Which Some Believe Is The Motive Behind This. It Seems That Bill Cosby Was Targeted. Back In Bill Good Old Days A Lot Of People Was Using Drugs, It Was A Big Thing In Hollywood. Also A Lot Of Woman Threw Themselves At Rich And Powerful Men. Still In Todays Time, These Type Of Woman Are STill Around And Doing These Types Of Things. What So Cold About The Law Is Later On In Life If Woman Are Mad, Unhappy With Life Or Simply Money Hungry. They To Will Be Able To Try To Do The Same And Take A Man Into Court, Make Claims And Eventually Collect Off Their Story. If A Woman Is Caught Lying, She Goes Home. So Why Not Take That Chance, You Have Nothing To Lose. That’s The Mentality Some Of These Worthless Woman Have. Bill Lawyer Is Set To Appeal And Hopefully That Will Give Bill A Chance To Clear His Name Once Again. Especially After The Judge Allowed One Juror To Stay On The Panel After This Juror Had Already Stated That They Thought Bill Cosby Was Guilty Before Any Evidence Was Brought Forward. This Seems To Be A White Supremacy Move Behind Close Doors To Screw Over Another Successful Black Man. Pray For Cosby!

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