Tokyo Toni Threatens Her Landlord And Landlord Family After Being Evicted From Rental Home.

   Tokyo Toni, Blac Chyna Mother Appears To Be Crazy Amongst A Whole Lot Of Other Things. She Was Recently Evicted From Her Rental Home For Failure To Pay Rent. She Also Has Been Dropped From Stanton Publishing Because She Went Behind Then And Took Pre-Orders On Her Alleged Book Which Toni Has Already Said She’s Pushing Back. People Who Know Her Get Down Don’t Believe The Book Is Coming Out And Figured It Might Be Another Scam Since She’s Been Staying In Motels And Sleeping In Her Car. Toni Paints This Picture That She Cares For The Homeless And Is A Overall Good Person. But Her Now Ex-Friends, Affiliates, Donors Would Say Different. Well She’s Been Going Back And Forward With The Landlord Daughter Who Recorded The Video Of The Home Where Tokyo Stayed At Before Getting Evicted. You Know, The One She Got On Video And Lied About And Said She Owned LoL. The Video Below Tops Her Video Of Threats. She Also Ask The Landlord Daughter And Mother To Pull Up And Catch The Fade. The Daughter Pulled Up At The Location Where The Meet Was Suppose To Happen For The Fight And Tokyo Was A No Show, All Talk.

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