Did The Game Have A Sex With A 15 Year Old In The Uk. Is Wack 100 Helping Cover It Up? You Be The Judge, This Is Her Side Of The Story.

   The Rapper Game – A Few Months Ago There Was A Internet Rumor Going Around After A 15 Year Old Girl From The Uk Said She Had Sex With The Rapper Known As The Game And Was Pregnant With His Baby. Immediately After The Story Broke The Game Got On Instagram And Said That He Was Leaving Social Media To Focus On Working Out. Even Though We All Notice That He Mad This Statement The Same Day This Rumor Had Came Out. The World After Days, Left It Alone And Ignored It. Well Recently The Young Lady Followed And Dm Rapper 40 Glocc. The Reason We Know Is 40 Contacted Us And Ask Us If This Was The Games Alleged Baby Momma And We Verified That Yes, It Was His Alleged Baby Momma. Then That’s When 40 Decided To See What It Was She Wanted And Sent Us Everything As It Came To Him Via Direct Message On Instagram.

This Is How The Conversation Started. 40 Glocc Asking Us If This Is The Girl That Is Games Baby Momma.

   Everyone Knows The Blood Between These Two Have Been Boiling For A Long Time. We Have Held On To This Story For Days Because They Young Lady Was Going To See If She Could Get A Picture Of The Bank Transfers Sent To Her Mother From The Game Allegedly. She Told 40 That If She Could Get Them It Would Be On Christmas When She Goes To Her Mother Home So We Waited…

   The Young Lady Then Contacted 40 And Said Her Mother Wouldn’t Allow Her To See The Transfer, Keep In Mind She’s Young. But The Young Lady Mother Isn’t Innocent Either. The Young Lady Says That Her Mother, Since Has Got A New Car.

   When The Young Lady Followed 40 Glocc, A Dummy Account Contacted Her Asking Her Why She Followed 40 Glocc. She Didn’t Reply. Shortly After The Young Lady Sent A Screenshot Of Wack 100 Account Saying That “The Money Can Stop”. So Wait, If This Girl Is Lying And It’s Not His Baby. Then What Money Can Stop? And Why Are You Guys Paying A Liar? Why Do You Guys Keep Dm This Little Girl. Pay Attention People. First Two Pictures Below Is When The Story First Came Out Wack 100 & Avante Rose Both Dm The Young Lady. When They Seen She Followed 40 GLocc, That’s When The New Dm From Wack 100 Came In… Via @UkGossip1 & @RealTeaDaily. Shes Afraid So She Doesn’t Open The Messages From Them. But Clearly You Can Get A Hint Of What They Saying. What Email Should She Answer Wack? What Deal Was Made Avante Rose? What You Mean You Ain’t Gonna Get Mad Wack? What Did You Think The Deal Was Avante Rose?

When Story First Broke, The Dm From Wack & Avante.

New Dm 

   The First Time This Story Came Out Wack 100 And The Games Cousin Avante Rose Dm Her. She Doesn’t Open There Dms Because She To Afraid And Says They Cuss Her Out And Threatens Her. (Everything You Are Reading Will Be Shown Below From 40 Glocc And The Young Lady Conversation Via Dm On Instagram). Wack Does Most Of The Damage Control And Communication It Seems. The Young Lady Even Speaks On How Wack 100 Allegedly Wanted To Have Sex With Her In The Form Of A Threesome Which She Turned Down Because She Was Not Attracted To Him And Claims He Got Mad At Her. The Young Lady Says That She Also Was Flown To Florida By The Game Where They Also Had Sex Allegedly. She Said Her Mother Knew Who The Game Was And Planned This Whole Thing For A Check, Which If It Is True She Succeeded. Yes, From What The Young Girl Says. Her Mother Is Foul And Set This Up. The Young Lady Contact 40 Glocc Because She Wants 40 To Fight Him Because She’s Tired Of The Lies And She Feels The Game Should Do More Then What He Does.

   We Would Like To Inform Everyone The Messages Above Are Not In Sequence. When Pick Out Certain Parts Of The Young Lady And 40 Glocc Conversation To Make Points And To Make Sure You Payed Attention To Certain Things The Young Lady Said. The Video Below Will Show The Full Conversation In Order. This Story Is About A Young Lady Who Mother Allegedly Is Getting Hush Money For Allowing Her Daughter To Be Involved With A Grown Celebrity, Maybe Even Setting This Up. This Is Also A Story About Millionaires Who Go To Other Countries To Sleep With Underage Girls Allegedly. In Some Cases Your Freedom Can Be Bought. This Young Lady Is Scared, Been Threatened And Confuse On What She Should Do In This Situation After Lying To Save Her Alleged Baby Daddy From Jail And Being Lied To About The Extent Of Being Taking Care Of, Being A Family And Materialist Things She Was Promise Allegedly. “You Be The Judge, But Please Don’t Be Stupid And Ignore This Young Lady Anymore”.


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