Mariah Carey Security Guard Claims Sexual Harassment.

  Mariah Carey’s Former Security Company Has Informed Mariah That If She Doesn’t Pay What She Owes. The Security Company Claims That From June 2015 To May 2017 They Worked For Mariah And She Still Owes Them A Balance Of $221,329.51. Michael Anello Says That He Was Also Promised Another 2 Years Of Work Which Would Add Another $511,000 To Her Bill. Anello Claims That Mariah Constantly Humiliated Him By Calling Him A Nazi, Skinhead, Kkk Member And White Supremacist. Mariah Also Allegedly Referred To His Colleague As Also Being Part Of This Hate Group. Anello Claims That Mariah Only Wanted To Be Protected By Black Men, Not White. The lawsuit In Question Also States That Mariah Committed “Sexual Acts With The Intent That They Be Viewed By Anello”. Anello Says WHile On A Trip To Cabo San Lucas, Mariah Requested Him To Come To Her Room To Move Luggage And When He Got There. Mariah Was Wearing A See Through Negligee That Was Open. Anello Claims After Seeing Her In Negligee He Tried To Leave But Mariah Insisted He Move The Luggage Anyway. There Was No Contact Between The Two, But It Sounds Like Mariah Was Willing And Ready. Mariah Team Contacted Anello Lawyer And Pay A Certain Amount But The Security Company Was Not Happy So There Has Been No Money Yet Transferred For His Company Services. Mariah Team Has No Idea About The Claim Of Mariah Sexual Harassment. Anello Lawyer  Has Put The Lawsuit On Hold Because They Are In Talks Of A Money Settlement For The Money Owed, Not The Sexual Harassment.

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