Tokyo Toni Squatting, Police Called For Guns And Prostitution.

   Tokyo Toni Is Upset That She Was Woke Up By Police This Morning. While Squatting In Home, Tokyo Toni Home Was Surrounded After Police Received A Call That Tokyo Toni Had Guns In Home And Was Running Prostitution Threw Her Massage Front Business. A Normal Massage Cost Around $25-50 A Hour. Tokyo Toni Is Charging $250-350 A Hour. We Wonder What Extra Services She’s Providing LoL. Tokyo Toni Believes That The Owner Of The Home She Is Squatting In Is The Caused Of The Police Search. Even Though Tokyo Toni Was Not Arrested She Is Mad. She Claims That She’s Crazy And Will Get Revenge.

   The Reason Behind Tokyo Toni Squatting And Being Evicted Due To Not Paying Rent Is, Months Ago Many People Had Contacted Us About Her Using And Scamming People Out Of There Money Claiming It Was Going To The Homeless. We Found Out That She Not Only Was Wearing The Donate Clothes But Was Spending Atleast 50% Of The Donations If Not More On Self. After We Broke The Story. Tokyo Toni Made A Video Admitting That She Keeps Half The Money For Self To Avoid Going To Jail For Scamming In Her Mind. Since Then The Donations Have Dropped So Much To Where Tokyo Toni Could No Longer Pay Her Rent, Even Though She Had Been Lying On Instagram Telling Followers She Owned The Home. The Owners Recently Won In Court And Tokyo Has To Move Out And Cannot Stay In The Alexanders Home. Tokyo Has Said In Many Of Her Rants That She Is Squatting Until The Police Come Put Her Out And That Blac Chyna Her Daughter Ain’t Helping Her Anymore Financially. Why You Think Blac Chyna Never Post About Her Moms Events Or Homeless Movement? Does Chyna Know It’s A Scam? Why?

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