Bobby Valentino Secret Brandi Clark Tells All


Bobby Valentino – Where Do We Start. We Reached Out To The Transexual Brandi Clark @abadbitch_nightmare (Instagram). Brandi Claims She Talk To Bobby For Years. But Only Seen Him 4 Times Being Brandi Doesn’t Live In Atlanta. So They Keep In Contact Through Phone & Social Media.

There Was Two Transexuals There The Day Bobby Was Busted. Brandi Had Been Messaging Bobby When Her Friend, A Transexual Stole Bobby Contact And Invited Him Over. When Bobby Arrive, He Was Surprise The Other Person Brandi Was There Who Bobby Had Been Messing With. The Person Who Tried To Extort Bobby V And Recorded Him, Had Plan This From The Jump. Even Though Bobby Had No Pants On In Video, Brandi Said Bobby And Her Friend Never Had Sex Because As Soon As Bobby Took His Pants Off, She Seen That As A Opportunity And Started Filming. Brandi Went Against Her Friend And Was Texting Bobby Warning Him Of The Other Person Intentions. Brandi Says, Bobby Has Contact Him Since.

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