Joseline Hernandez Riding Around With Bonnie Bella, Not In Car Seat. Social Media Is Pissed.

This Is Dangerous. Accidents Do Happen.
“Bringing Awareness To Car Accidents And Use Of Car Seats. A Few Seconds Can Mean Years Of Hurt. Safety First”.

Joseline Hernandez – Social Media Seems Concerned As Joseline Hernandez.  Today On Her Instagram Live Showed The Two In A Vehicle Riding Around While The Beautiful Baby Who Is Not In The Car Seat. Some Viewer On The Stream Commented To Joseline On The Live Stream To Put Bonnie In The Car Seat. When The Stream Started It Seemed That The Car Wasn’t Moving. But After About 20 Secs, The Car Started Moving.Nothing Has Happened. But To All The Mothers Secure The Baby Or Pull Over. Safety First. This Is Just To Bring Awareness To The Importance Of A Car Seat. A Few Seconds And Be Years Of Hurt, Some Wish They Could Take That Time Back.

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K. Michelle And Joseline Get Into It Today On Social Media. We Got The Exchange Of Words. Search K.michelle or Joseline.

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