Safaree Jumped By Meek Mill Dream Chasers. Meek Is Afraid To Fight One On One. Another L For Meek.

Meek Is Scary And Gets No Respect. He’s Been Hiding From The Game & Safaree.

Safaree Runs Into Meek MiLL In California For The B.E.T Awards. Safaree Approaches Meek For The Fade And Meek Had The Dick Chasers Jump Him. Meek Talk A Lot Of Shit, But Won’t Fight Nobody. Meek MiLL Is Scary And Everyone Knows It. He’s Been Hiding From The Game & Safaree. Meek Ride With Atleast 10 or More People To Protect Him Because He’s Not Man Enough To Catch A Head Up Fight. Meek Is All Talk, Pussy. Meek Had His Homies Jump Him, In The Streets We Call That A Bitch Move. Safaree Is Once Again Asking For A Head Up Fade And We All Know Scary MiLLs Ain’t Gone Do. Meek MiLL & The Dick Chasers Make Philly Look Bad. This Is Another “L” For Meek Pussy MiLL.

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