Bty Youngn

“Accused Killer  Caught


  Darryl Bannister Jr. 31 Has Been Charge With Second Degree Murder Of Desmone”Bty Youngn“Jerome. The Gas Station Camera Shows One Of The Shooters Drop A Phone By Bty Youngn After He Was Shot Multiple Times. The Detectives Recovered That Phone And Traced It Back To The Killers Aunt. She Told The Detectives That The Phone Is In Her Name, But Her Nephew Was The User Of It. That’s What Made The Detectives Arrest Bannister.

  Bannister Agreed To Be Interviewed Monday At N.O.P.D Headquarters. Bannister Said He Had Lost His Phone At A Friend’s House Party Between 7 p.m. And 11:30 p.m. On The Night Of Bty Youngn Death. The Bty Youngn Was Fatally Shot At 11:11 p.m. According To Police. Bannister Also Claimed He Didn’t Know Anything About The Shooting.

  Homicide Detective Clinton Givens Said That The Phone Records Match Daryl Bannister Story. Bannister Had Called His Girlfriend And Other Familiar People During The Time Of His Alleged Phone Lost Proving To The Detectives That He Never Lost The Phone. Some Of The Calls Was Made In The Same Location As Bty Youngn Before The Shooting. Detective Givens Believe That Bannister Followed Bty Youngn To The Gas Station.

  Darryl Bannister Has Been Charge With Second Degree Murder And Police Are Still Looking For A Second Shooter. Will Bannister Tell Or Will The Detectives Be Able To Figure Out Another Way To Find Him?

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