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Manager On Funk Flex Lies On 2pac.

  Everyone Notice That All Of A Sudden Hot 97 Old Loud Mouth Dj Funk Flex Has A Lot Of Negative Things To Say About 2pac After Flex Woman Abuse Arrest Had Time To Pass And The Upcoming Release Of 2pac Bio Picture “All Eyez On Me” Start Building Buzz. Everyone Notice Flex Desperate Attempt To Bring Attention Back To Himself And Hot 97 Being That Power 105.1 Runs New York Radio. So Flex Decided To Try One Last Desperate Attempt After Many Celebrities Spoke On Flex Being A Coward And Dissing The Dead. Treach, 2pac Friend From “Naughty By Nature” Issued A No Fly Zone Meaning Flex Was Band From Going Certain Places. Ti Also Spoke Seeing That Flex Was Being A Bitch For Waiting 20yrs And Suge Knight To Be In Jail For Him To Speak Out.

  Well Right After This Wack Dj Flex Got Done Going Live On Instagram. Wack 100 Decided To Set The Record Straight. To Make Sure Flex Didn’t Get Away With Lying To The New Generation. Listen To The Video And Tell Us What You Think.

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