Why Birdman Can’t Pay Lil Wayne


Source close to Birdman says he wants to pay Lil Wayne. The problem is Birdman did shady business and he can’t afford the 51 million. Remember when Birdman brag about getting 100 million from universal for Cash Money, we’ll he lied. 30 million was for Cash Money and he secretly dealt the Lil Wayne Young Money Label into the negotiations which universal love being that Wayne was the hottest rapper in the game. Birdman didn’t tell Wayne he did this being a snake. He didn’t want Wayne to boss up and know that Universal was offering more for Young Money then Cash Money. So Birdman quickly approach Wayne after the deal was done with Universal trying to keep Wayne blinded and to appear as if he felt Wayne deserve Young Money so he look out and gave him it, but if not for 70 million offer from Universal Wayne wouldn’t have got Young Money and Birdman would have keep Wayne under Cash Money. Wayne of course accepted it, it was what Wayne wanted but Birdman only offer Young Money to Wayne for that big check. Birdman played Wayne. Since Wayne trusted Birdman he never ask about money or any business aspect of it because of there bond, not knowing Birdman was a snake waiting to get his ass and he did. Birdman took that money and bought property (Known for Stunner Island) and others. Cars which he flosses. Yachts etc because by this time he had Wayne rap around his finger. Outside of Cash Money other figures started talking and telling Wayne about the business which made Wayne curious to where and why he had got nothing, but Wayne still trusted Birdman. Well after Wayne had release artist under the Young Money Label, Wayne notice no checks was coming from Universal or anywhere. Wayne ask Birdman over and over again and Birdman played dumb on why no check was coming. So now Wayne is force to contact Universal. This is where the shit hits the fan. Wayne then found out about the Young Money Advance, not from Birdman but from Universal. Birdman was then caught red handed. Once he was caught, he promise he would pay Wayne but he wanted to pay Wayne after Wayne full filled the 100 million dollar Universal Contract which we believe was so many Wayne albums and the rest Young Money artist. Wayne told Birdman fuck that, I want all my money now. Birdman lifestyle and luxurious items he own was bought with Waynes portion of money not Birdman. For some reason Birdman felt like Wayne would never find out. That’s why when Wayne is ask if he would do business with Birdman again if he pays the 51 million, Wayne replies no because Wayne is no longer blinded by Birdman and his bullshit. Remember B.G, Juvenile, Turk, Manny Fresh all left because of money issues. Some of them sued and won, Not to mention producer and a long line of other staff and people are sueing or sued Birdman.

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