Lil Wayne

Wants His Millions & Off Cash Money

Birdman has a history of not paying his artist, producers, staff, even his rent. But promotes a flashy lifestyle. Well we know why. He has Robbed almost everyone he has done business with. Just Wayne alone is looking for 50+ million and in past Juvenile won around 30 million having to sue Birdman to get paid. We’ve seen two dynasty label with incredible rosters be destroyed due to greed. Deathrow was another incredible label who had also at the top of its game, lost everyone to greed and bad business. Recently Wayne was on undisputed where he bluntly came out and said he wants his money and off cash money. Wayne was also ask “if Birdman pays you, could you stay with cash money and do business”. Wayne replied “NO”. He wants his money and release from Birdman in everyway. Recently Wayne appeared on stage with Drake where Wayne says once again “Fuck Cash Money”. Drake also said “I’m Young Money and nothing else”. Then Drake says “I’m riding with Tunechi  (lil wayne) no matter what, even legal situation”. Drake ends the statement with “I don’t know what the weirdo is on” which we easily can tell shots at Birdman. We look at Birdman Instagram and he riding Drake ?so much it’s says #OvO. Drake ain’t fucking with you !


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