Racist In South Africa 

“Loves Black People Music”


Lady moves to South Africa because she feels a black man should not rule over whites, wait it gets better. She started a housing community where blacks can not live there but can work for then only, wait it get better. Black are not allowed to swim in there pool or inside there home unless there working. She feels black are weird and whites and blacks should not mix, so if you have a little black in you, your an outcast. Like most racist she loves black people music like Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie but neither would be allowed in her house or community. She also hopes Lionel Richie doesn’t see this interview because she his biggest fan WTF. If this ain’t a dumb confuse bitch, then I don’t know who is. She don’t like black but move to africa, that was smart. She likes a black a mans music and hope he doesn’t see this interview, but can’t stand husband color. She is officially retarded.
What do you think?
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