Tyga – The Young Model Molly O’malia with Gloria Allred held a press conference via #tmz where the attorney stated that @kinggoldchains Tyga pursued her through instagram. He relentlessly keep texting her. The attorney stated they never hooked up witch is good. Now everyone is going to pass judgement on this situation and it doesn’t look good for tyga. First off when doing business with a minor you contact management or at minimum there parents. Seeing how tyga and kylie jenner situation came about it look like tyga was lining her for the kill like kylie. He has been accused of red shirting or red tagging younger girls until they hit 18. But know one knows the real story but them. Seeing how the young model came out with her side of story it would best for tyga to address this unless she is telling the whole truth. We are all waiting for a reply from @kyliejenner or tyga @kinggoldchains but we doubt it will be.

What do you think?

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