Inside Sources Tell Us That Rick Ross & Lira Galore has agreed to do the #Mimi & #Niko and Release There Own #SexTape and Planning to use the Tape Got Leak Excuse. But Truthfully they both have agreed to release it because it will help boost both careers and bring alot of publicity. Problem, WHO THE FUCK WANTS TO SEE RICK ROSS FUCKING…NO FUCKING BODY. This has to be the least want to be seen SexTape ever. The world rather see the Charlie Sheen Gay Porn Tape Before Rick Ross Ass. Things people will do for fame and album sells PATHETIC. ONE THING FOR SURE, WE NOT WATCHING IT ONCE IT COMES OUT. WE RATHER WATCH THE MEEKA MINAJ & LIRA GALORE Tape if there’s one LOL BUT ROSS HELL NO.

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