LiL Wayne – Well Now We Will See Who Gangsta. If lil wayne is a Gangsta Now Knowing Pee Wee aka Roscoe, Young Thug Manager Tried To Kill Him & Shot Up His Bus, Some Gangsta Shit Should Happen. Pee Wee Got 10 yrs Minimum So Them Booty Goons Should Pay a Visit For That. Only thing is we never seen lil wayne do anything Gangsta but fake bang and wear red rag on the wrong side. Now Birdman said in the Angie Martinez interview that if Pee Wee did do this, he would have a problem even though we all know he had something to do with it and happy Pee Wee Didn’t tell on him. So we doubt birdman gone do something to Pee Wee. So where do Wayne Go From Here. Remember Pee Wee was on the Phone with Young Thug before Shooting & Called Birdman Right After.  You got to be lying to self to say the butt buddies didn’t have nothing to do with it meaning birdman & Young thug.

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