donald trump awarded the bitch nixxa of the day

Bitch Nixxa Of The Day Donald Trump. 12/12/18

Bitch Nixxa Of The Day” 

Donald “Dumbass Crooked” Trump.
“Bitch Nixxa Of The Day”
Donald “Dumbass” Trump

We All Watched As Michael Cohen Got Sentence For 3 years After Cooperating With The Government And Special Council. Cohen Announce That He Took Orders From Trump Which He Should Have Followed His First Mind And Not Do What Was Ask By Trump.

The Reason Trump Got The “Dumbass Of The Day” is Because When He Decided To Run For President. At Some Point President Dumbass Should Have Known His Past Was Gone Come To The Light. Trump Has Been Lying To America Since He Entered The White House And Even Before. Still To This Day Trump Lies And Claims Tha Michael Cohen Did All Trump Cover Up And Dirt Without His Knowledge Even Though A Recorded Phone Call Came Out Of Cohen Speaking To Trump About A Cover Up Through A Front Business. Trump Also Has Many Of His Accomplishment In His Crimes Turning On Him To Save Their Ass. Like Cohen Of Course, National Enquirer David Pecker And Alleged Rushing Spy Maria Butina And More Still To Come. Dumbass Trump Has Also Put His Own Kids In The Line Of Fire.

So For That We Welcome And Have To Give “Bitch Nixxa Of The Day” To Donald “Your Crooked President” Trump!

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Michael Cohen Sentence To 3 Years For Violating Campaign Laws, Tax Fraud.

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   Michael Cohen Sentence To 3 Years For Violating Campaign Laws, Tax Fraud. This Clearly Sets A Narrative The Trump Was Also Involved. Cohen Has To Turn Himself In March 6, 2019. 

In addition to the three-year prison sentence, Judge William Pauley imposed more than $1 million in restitution for Michael Cohen.  Pauley imposed $500,000 in forfeiture to Cohen, and $1.39 million in restitution. This Is Why You Don’t Work With Or For The Devil!

Michael Cohen Also Respond To Trump Tweet Calling Him Weak For Snitching On Him. Well Michael Responded With This “Recently the President tweeted a statement calling me weak and it was correct but for a much different reason than he was implying. It was because time and time again I felt it was my duty to cover up his dirty deeds.”

Credit: NBC News

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50 cent Clowns Young Buck Again About Being Outed By The Transexual.

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50 Cent Post On Young Buck Outing!

   50 Cent Took To Instagram And Posted The Video Of Young Buck Asking The Transexual To Take The Post Down And He Will Send Him $2000. 50 Goes On To Caption It “Kevin Hart. You Are Going To Have To Apologize For This”. The Gunit/Power Boss Has No Chill. Young Buck Rival CookUpBoss From Nashville Adds Fuel To The Fire!


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50 Cent Send Shots At Tekashi69 Girlfriend Jade.

Jade Only Dated 6ix9ine For 5 Days!

   Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson Sends Shots At Jade. Crazy How When A Thot Gets With A Man With Money Even If It’s For 5 Days. They Act Like They A Ride Or Die. Well Until 6ix9ine Gets A Lot Of Years. 6ix9ine Who Known To Trick On Females He Could Never Have Had Without Success And Money, Bought The Thot A $30k Rolex For Her Birthday. 50 Cent Who’s Known For Speaking What’s On His Mind Took To Instagram And Posted This….

Tekashi69 & Jade.

Nicki Minaj Defends Her Sex Offender Friend Or Lover.

   Nicki Minaj Was Rushed By Her Barbs About The Discovery Of What Seems To Be Nicki’s New Man Kenneth Petty Who Is A Registered Sex Offender. Kenneth Was Charged In 1995 For Rape Of A 16yrs Old Girl. The Sex Offender Girlfriend Release A Video Alleging Nicki Contacted Her Witch We Have Below.

We Don’t Know What’s Going On With The Superstar. But People Have Notice Her Connection To Child Sex Offenders. First Her Brother Which When It Comes To Family, You Have No Option. But Then Theirs Tekashi69 And Now Kenneth Petty. The Sad Part Is Nicki Hope On Twitter To Defend The Sex Offender And Her Right To Do Whatever It Is She Does With Him. This Could Hurt Her Brand And Money In A Whole. Truthfully This Is Sick!

Petty Girlfriend Shows Alleged Contact From Nicki Minaj

Cardi B Appears In Court Today!

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   Cardi B Appeared In Court Today For The First Time Since The Judges Warning. Even Though Cardi Was Not Giving A Bail Which The Prosecutor Wanted Of $2500. The Judge Felt She Wasn’t A Flight Risk. But The Judge Did Order To Stay Away From The Alleged Victims Baddie Gi And Jade And To Not Communicate Or Talk About Them In Anyway Including Social Media As Terms Of The Protective Orders.

Trippie Redd Quits Travis Scott’s Astroworld Tour!

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   Trippie Redd Quits The Astroworld Tour. Trippie And Travis Both Was Frustrated With Delays And Other Factors Which Cause Trippie’s Show To Be Shortened.

Trippie Felt It Wasn’t Worth Continuing The Tour, Only Being Able To Perform A Couple Of Songs. The Production Crew Is To Blame Because It Takes Them To Long To Build Travis Stage. The Show Times Have Been Push Back Which Is What Causes Trippie Time To Be Shortened.

Trippie Doesn’t Have A Problem With Travis, But Will Not Attend The Last 10 Shows. 

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Tekashi69 Judge Admits To Making A Mistake On His Child Sex Crime Sentence.

Madea Is Secret Santa. Pays $400k For Walmart Layaways For Families. Merry Christmas!

The Game Send Subliminals And Tory Lanez Responds.