Baylee Curran


Stripped Of Beauty Queen Crown


Baylee Curran has a known history of lying. We have already espoused the different stories in the Chris Brown Allegedly Assault Case, But we have more.

Baylee Curran was crowned Miss California Regional 2016 (Recent). Shortly after she won the pageant director received nude photos of Baylee Curran. The officials & director of pageant question her about the photos and she lied, claiming that it was not her in the photos. 2 months after she won the pageant official was fed up with her lies along with many things and dethroned her. The director told Baylee once receiving the nude photos that “this is not what the pageant stands for”. Baylee keep lying saying it was not her in photos. The director gave her another chance, but Baylee continued to screw up, lie and deceived them. She failled to show up to community functions while photos surface of her partying and frolicking on a boat with most likely celebrities. She also didn’t show up to events, choosing to do various photo shoots not keeping her obligations to the pageant. Like Baylee says she likes to party with Justin Beiber, Ray j and until recent Chris Brown. She pretty much a groupie. The pageant director have had enough and 2 months after being crown notified Baylee that she was getting strip of crown. Baylee replied to the director saying “You’re the director, You can make or bend the rules. I’m keeping the crown and we can move on”. Basically saying she is not returning the crown and she still hasn’t. Now that’s character for your ass. That is definitely someone we should believe right ? #YeahFuckingRight



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