Baylee Curran

Wanted By New York Police


Baylee Curran – Baylee is wanted by New York Police for questioning in a purse snatching crime. She has been accused of stealing a fancy designer bag from a friend after a argument at a swanky hotel.

Baylee was vacationing with friends back in 2013 at a hotel where a argument had started. According to police baylee snatched a $1000.00 Louis Vuitton purse from one of the girls and ran out of the hotel. The purse had $200.00, credit cards & Michael Kors wallet. Security chase Baylee, she drop the purse but keep the items that was inside and got away (fled). When police arrive, Baylee was long gone and since there has been a warrant of sort issued called a i-card which allows New York PD to pick her up and question her about the alleged theft if they catch her in the city.

They young lady (victim) who purse was snatched, convince a L.A Judge that the incident was so bad, the judge issued a restraining order against Baylee. Baylee reps states to TMZ, That they had no idea that Baylee was wanted by New York Police.


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