Baylee Curran 


Listen to Baylee Curran Story. It’s seems that she lying if not about all but somethings. She said that there was a guy selling jewelry. She touch it and the guy snap. Now if someone is selling jewelry why wouldn’t they let to examine the product. She also said the guy started screaming and calling her names saying “PUT THAT DOWN” Why would he say that unless you pick it up (Liar). Then Baylee says that Chris then got mad and said didn’t he tell you girls not to touch the jewelry and he had kick 3 to 4 girls out earlier for the same reason. OK dumb ass why would you go and do the same thing stupid. Then she said they walk her out and the guy tried to make her sign a agreement not to basically tell or she wouldn’t get phone and shies back and she said no, and gangsta her phone back lmfao. She is clearly lying. What we think is that she tried to either take the jewelry or simply because other females got kick out party she took it upon herself to do the same either grab jewelry or touch it after she and other was clearly warned. He kick her ass out and she was embarrassed thinking she the shit or since she hanged out with Justin Bieber before how dare he kick her out. She obviously didn’t follow the rules knowing other women got kick out and thought she was special so to get back she made up this story. Keep in mind she said chris put gun to head, then later tell TMZ he pointed the gun at her. We also want to say it’s sad that fox news got all there info from tmz, FOX is a sorry ass news station. We also want to say fuck tmz because they could have ate Baylee up in that interview by asking the right questions but to get the story and ratings they allowed her story to continue without asking one question in Chris defense or causing her to get more into details in the obvious loop holes In her story.
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